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Last updated: April 2, 2018

Capitalized terms used but not defined herein have the respective meanings ascribed to such terms in Orangenius’ terms of service.

Orangenius allows members to list certain types of creative works as for sale on the Orangenius marketplace (“Marketplace”).

Only the admin of a work can list it for sale.

To make a piece of artwork available for sale, the admin of the artwork must 1) click the “Sell this Artwork” button on artwork’s detail page; and (2) choose a method for the sales transaction; either a) direct to buyer or b) with escrow protection.(

There are two ways to sell your artwork on Orangenius.


See to learn more about which method is right for you.

Orangenius reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to remove any seller or piece of artwork from the Marketplace for any reason whatsoever.

We encourage all sellers to provide as many details as possible (i.e. edition number, materials used, a creation date) for artwork listed for sale so that the buyer can make an informed buying decision. Others who may have contributed to the artwork’s creation (i.e. a printing house) should be invited to join Orangenius and then added to the contributor area of the artwork.

What Can Be Listed for Sale

· All artwork listed for sale must be for a tangible object (note: a digital file is not considered a tangible object).

· Only original pieces of handmade artwork, handmade may be listed for sale. Items that are commercially crafted are not considered handmade items. The term "handmade" can additionally be interpreted as "hand-assembled" or "hand-altered." (See Production Assistance below for additional information).

  • Only one listing may be created for each piece of artwork.

· Artwork must be a single work or a limited edition of 15 or less. When making the work available for sale, you can choose the number of editions that are available.

· Multiple editions of the same artwork, including, but not limited to, alternate sizes, should not be listed separately.

· You may not list artwork that you did not create, unless you are the bonafide rights holder and/or the duly authorized agent of the rights holder of the artwork.

· Secondary resales are not permitted by individuals, however organizations, such as galleries, with rights to sell the works may do so.

· Supplies (such as yarn, beads, canvas, paints, books, patterns, tools, etc.) may not be listed.

· Listings must be available for purchase. You may not create a Marketplace listing for an item that is not available, however, if a work is sold after it is listed for sale, either on Orangenius or elsewhere, the work may be marked “Sold” and remain as a sold item in the Marketplace.

· A listing may not be created simply to share artwork or other information with Members.

· Services are not allowed to be listed in the Marketplace, unless they provide a tangible, physical item. However, Orangenius anticipates potentially adding professional service listings soon. If you would like to be notified about the potential for this service being added to the Orangenius platform, please sign up for our newsletter.

You may not list the following types of items in the Orangenius Marketplace:

  • Alcohol
  • Tobacco
  • Drugs
  • Working Firearms and/or weapons
  • Real estate
  • Motor vehicles (automobiles, motorcycles, boats, etc.)
  • Digital only items

Receiving or Transferring Admin Control

· If you are the rights holder but not the admin of the artwork and wish to make the artwork available for sale in the Marketplace, you must first gain admin control over the artwork in question. To become an admin of an artwork, you must be a Contributor to the work. To become a contributor, request contributor status from the artwork detail page. Once approved by the admin, you can contact the current admin through our messaging service and request that he or she transfer admin control to you.

· If you are the proper rights holder of a piece of artwork and the current admin will not relinquish control, please do not upload another copy of the artwork. The appropriate procedure is to first make a DMCA takedown request and have the artwork removed from Orangenius. Thereafter, you may then upload another copy of the artwork. This process will help us to avoid duplicate works on Orangenius.

Production Assistance

· It is best if a seller can create their items entirely with their own hands. However, Orangenius acknowledges that this is prohibitive for certain types of artwork. (i.e. printing for your digital artwork, or metal casting from your handmade mold). When a third-party vendor is involved in artwork creation, we encourage you to send a “Contributor Request” from the artwork’s detail page so that the vendor can be listed as a contributor.

· Drop shipping from the third-party contributor is acceptable, such as when printing and framing of artwork, however, drop shipped items must be a limited edition of 15 or less. If the payment method is with escrow protection, the drop shipper must provide a tracking number for use with

· If there are additional editions based on variations in size, all edition sizes and numbers must be listed in the item’s description so that the buyer can make an informed decision on the artwork’s value.

· Marketplace items are subject to Orangenius staff review on a case-by-case basis. If the staff determines that a vendor's involvement comprises a majority share of the item's creation or the work is not a limited edition, handmade, or any other violation of these Marketplace Rules, the item will be removed from the Orangenius Marketplace. All determinations are subject to Orangenius’ sole discretion.

Describe your items accurately

· Accurately title, tag, and describe all artwork available for sale, including posting high-quality depictions of the artwork, including all materials used, all third-party vendor information, and whether a piece of artwork includes anything extra, such as a frame or stand. This is a critical requirement to selling on the Orangenius platform as Orangenius’ search system uses these items to help users find artwork for sale.

· Inaccurate listings or techniques with the intent manipulate the search algorithms is prohibited. Orangenius reserves the right to remove any user from the system that it believes has engaged in such action, without refund.

· Every piece of artwork listed in the marketplace must include a category and sub-category.

Report Abuse

· Orangenius cannot review every listing in the Marketplace so we rely on you to help us know if someone is listing an item that violates out Terms.

· If you have discovered a member violating our Terms, we encourage you to go to the artwork detail page and click on the “More” menu item, represented by three vertical dots. Then click the “report abuse” link. Please detail the grounds for which you suspect a violation of our Terms and if possible, attach any other supporting evidence so that we can investigate and evaluate the alleged violation. This is a confidential process; the member being reported will not know who reported the abuse. Orangenius’ investigation in regards to the foregoing will be handled internally with Orangenius; you will not receive a personal response to your report nor be notified of the outcome of our investigation.

· Please do not flag a single violation multiple times – we will receive your correspondence and will evaluate it appropriately. If you believe that your rights are being infringed, you may initiate a DMCA takedown to have the work removed.

· Abuse reports should not be used maliciously or to harass other users. Orangenius reserves the right to delete any Member Account that uses the reporting system for anything other than its intended use or in bad faith.



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